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The following was emailed to me in response to changes made to the list. These changes were made due to a few people that insisted on using the list to bash others. This has been used witht he author's permission.

"I work, I don't really like much about my job at all these days, and it sure feels damn good to go out and hop on the chop and peel away some miles and frustration. The list is that way too until some folks feel the need to use it as a public forum for bashing. Man, if I was in a room with a group and stuff like that started, I'd be just headin' for another room soon as I could. With email, the shit just keeps pouring in to your computer. I don't subscribe to the list for stuff like that. I wanna hear about guys ridin' and workin' on their bikes. That's why I'm here."

My thanks to the author for putting into words what the list is all about.

Trying to learn the basics? Maybe some of your questions can be answered here.

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